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We recommend our practical War Robots tips for people who want to make the game faster, easier and more entertaining. This application improves the game, because it assures two basic resources completely for free. Each player who uses this tool is able to choose the amount of gold and silver he or she wishes to receive. There is no limit for such game resources and players do not have to spend their real money for them. Each user can choose the type of resources that are suitable for improving robots, their weapons and for getting premium content. Thanks to this solution, all players are able to perform very well in the game. They can reach better leagues and win better prizes.


War Robots is a free to play game with some additional premium content that can be bought for real money. This attractive and entertaining game developed and published by Russian company Pixonic is a third-person shooter that offers player versus player battles in real time and in MOBA mode. All players are allowed to operate special battle robots on live battlefields. Each player is able to choose to play solo or to form a team with other players. The game was released in 2014 for iOS systems and in 2015 for devices with Android systems. It became very popular among many players, because of its entertaining and interesting gameplay.

At the beginning of the battle players are randomly located in one of nine available maps (Springfield, Yamantau, Canyon, Shenzen, Powerplant, Moon, Valley, Dreadnought, Dead City and Carrier). Each map is different from others with its unique structure, size, etc. It means that every map requires different skills and playing style from people who play on it. War Robots offer many types of game modes. These modes are called Domination, Beacon Rush, Team Deadmatch, King of the Hill and Free For All. Generally this game offers a special matchmaking system with the size of 6 vs 6 players. Missing players are added automatically to the appropriate team thanks to this system. It is similar to matchmaking systems known from many games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, etc. It means that the game is great for people who have their teams and for solo players. At the beginning of the battle teams spawn on opposite sides of the map. Before the game, each player gets 15 seconds to choose a robot. The game length is usually 10 minutes.

The game called War Robots is very attractive for many players, because it offers a very interesting league system based on trophies and overall player performance in the game. Player needs to deal large amounts of damage, capture beacons and destroy other robots to advance in the league. At the start, players need to complete training matches and after that they are able to get more trophies (400 is the starting amount) and to advance to better and better leagues. Thanks to advancing to better leagues, players will get gold rewards, but there is a possibility to earn gold only once for each league (there will be no gold for relegation and getting back to the higher league).

This game offers different types of robots that feature many different skills. There are jump robots, dash robots, quick draw, British Bots (Knights of Camelot) and regular robots. They have got unique skills, advantages and disadvantages, so each player have to choose them wisely according to his/her skills and according to the possibilities of the map.

Many players love this game, but some of them criticize it, because in their opinion it is difficult to win matches and advance to higher leagues without buying premium content. Of course most of opinions are positive, because of dynamics and interesting maps.


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