NBA 2K17: Top 5 Best Jumpshots | Straight GREENS

When you initially load up the game – if you’re downloading a digital copy, be prepared for a hefty 50GB installation first – you’ll notice all the usual game modes have returned. There’s the central MyCareer mode, as well as MyGM, MyLeague, MyTeam and all manner of possessive-pronoun-led features.Top 5 Best Jumpshots.

The first thing I did was load an exhibition game to get a feel for what’s changed gameplay-wise. I was relieved to see my favourite retro team, the indisputably pre-eminent ’00-’01 Lakers, remain playable, as do most of the retro teams from last year, alongside a host of European clubs and the usual Dream Team rosters of days past.

Taking charge of the Kobe and Shaq partnership once again, I was pleased to see the game has undergone some visual improvements. There’s nothing here that’s going to blow you away in terms of graphical upgrades, but the overall look of the players and the court seems more refined.

The action also feels a lot more fluid than last year, and you’ll definitely notice the newly expanded range of animations. Pulling up for a classic Kobe fadeaway felt just as authentic as ever, but 2K has also added a host of other, non-character-specific, animations that makes the gameplay in general feel more realistic.
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