NBA 2K17 Tips: Best SMALL FORWARD Build – How To Create a MAXED OUT 99 Overall SF in MyCareer!

Best SMALL FORWARD Build – How To Create a MAXED OUT 99 Overall SF in MyCareer!

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Despite this rather frustrating experience, however, the overall career mode is as solid as ever, and even the typically contrived dialogue seems to have been improved this time around. MyCareer is still a slog, but it’s incredibly in-depth – as are the other modes which I haven’t invested as much time in, but which from my initial impressions seem more comprehensive than ever before.Best SMALL FORWARD .

Woe betide anyone who ventures online with a less-than-perfect connection, however. My online career was more than a little frustrating, with slowdown and glitches making it impossible to play a fair game with anyone.


If nothing else, then, the game manages to impress with the sheer level of detail it provides. You could spend months trying to work through the career mode, not even touching MyGM or MyTeam, and feel as though you got your money’s worth.

That, combined with the graphical upgrades and new animations, plus the fact that 2K has managed to retain the overall feel of the game, makes the 2K17 experience a very impressive one. It’s not without its flaws, but the lasting impression you’ll get is one of sheer admiration for the amount of work that must go into creating such a varied game.

NBA 2K is still carrying the baton for basketball sims all on its lonesome, and seems to do so effortlessly. If the great NBA 2K vs NBA Live war is ever to return, EA has got a hell of a lot of work to do.