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IMVU Credits Hack – Generate Free Credits!


Results after using IMVU credits hack


This website is dedicated for only one reason; to teach you all on how to get free IMVU credits without paying a single cent. Using our IMVU credits hack, you will be able to generate unlimited credits to your account. Right, completely free of charge!


  1. First of all, open up our Booster Page. You can do that by clicking blue button below. It will open in the new tab.




  1. Enter your IMVU username.
  2. Choose how many credits and VIP months you want to add to your account using the slider.
  3. Hit “START” button.
  4. Check your account balance once process is done!


As you can see, generating credits for IMVU never has been easier. Lot’s of people will tell you that our website is fake and there is no thing such as free credits. But that’s simply not true. I guess anybody first before telling this B.S has to check by himself / herself.

A lot of people keep asking us though our contact form, is this booster actually safe? The answer is yes – we care about your accounts. That’s why we have proxy connection implemented into our panel.  If you still don’t trust our word, you can always create a new account made just for testing this booster. Within 3 months period, we have tested this IMVU credits hack on more than 20 accounts. Guess what? All of them are still alive till this day. This only proofs that using this method is safe for your account.

NOTE: Booster is limited upwards to 100,000 credits daily to IP address.

And I guess this is going to be the end of this article. If you have any questions regarding this process of getting free credits to your account, you can always contact us.

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