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DragonVale Cheats

You have been looking for working DragonVale Cheats for quite some time now? Can’t really blame you for that, because DragonVale is a lot of fun but like most games these days you need to spend a lot of money in order to enjoy it to play full.


DragonVale Cheats



Using our DragonVale Cheats tool you can generate infinite Gems, Treats (Food) and Dragoncash. Since you don’t have to pay anything and there’s no need to worry about getting viruses. All you have to do to get started is click one of the big orange  “Go To Hack” buttons. File will be downloaded. The user interface is made to be easy to operate, but should anything be unclear you can always read the instructions on this page.




  1. Easy to use use
  2. Generate an unlimited amount of Dragoncash every day.
  3. Generate an unlimited amount of Gems every day.
  4. Generate an unlimited amount of Treats every day.
  5. High security. Our cheats are completely safe.
  6. The tool is free and will always be.
  7. We made the cheat because wanted to give you a better DragonVale experience without having to pay with real money. 

DragonVale Cheats

How to Use ?


  • First click on Go To Hack button
  • Some free offers will popup
  • Complete it with your email or mobile number
  • Download will start
  • Open tool
  • Enter your resources
  • Click generate
  • Wait till 5 minutes
  • Done.

DragonVale Cheats

About Android and iOS Game DragonVale


DragonVale is a fantasy simulation game in which your goal is to build the best Dragon park the world has ever known. It’s available for for Android and iOS and can be played on both smartphones and tablets. The game was first released by Backflip Studios in 2011 and has been very popular ever since. The game itself is free to download and play but in-app purchases are available. We made this DragonVale Hack because some people can’t afford it to spend real money on Gems. Visit DragonVale Hack Unlimited Gems and Coins generator 


Your park exists out of islands on which your dragons will live and grow. As you make your way through the levels more and more islands will become available for you to buy. Most islands can be bought with Dragoncash, however some require a big number of Gems. Using our DragonVale Hack you’ll be able to get the amount of Gems you need for free.


Did you know that there are well over 200 different dragons in the game? You can discover new dragons by breeding different dragon types with each other. For example, breeding a Fire element dragon with an Earth element dragon will result in a Lava dragon whilst breeding a Fire element dragon with a Lightning dragon will result in a Firefly dragon. There are so many possibilities and it’s your task to discover them all.


Buildings also play a big role in the game. You need various building for breeding, for producing treats etcetera. There are also buildings in which you keep your dragons and your dragons will make you money whilst they’re in there. It’s really boring having to collect small amounts of money all the time, but thankfully our DragonVale Cheats will free you from that task.