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Critical Ops Hack Tool

This practical hack is able to provide some premium credits that allow for opening packs with skins without the necessity of spending real money through micro transactions. Another important safety aspect is the fact that the aforementioned Critical Ops hack is free from bad software like viruses, programs with advertisements or spy programs. 

Critical Ops hack

The first type of functionality offered by our software is Critical Ops hack. Thanks to this option, players are able to choose the amount of credits that they want to get. All players are able to get unlimited credits for skin packs without spending real money. This option is very simple and easy to understand even for beginner users. Simple options unlock bonus content for all players who play iOS or Android version of this game.

The second important option is called Critical Ops wallhack. It is ideal for players who want to know the exact location of their opponents. This hack improves the game, because the player is able to see through the walls. Every user of this wallhack will know where all opponents are located, so he or she will gain advantage. This knowledge is precious, because player knows where to go or hide from enemies. It also gives some additional time to aim perfectly.

The last functionality is Critical Ops aimbot that improves aiming process. Thanks to this solution, player do not have to aim exactly to the head or other parts of body of his enemies. This program automatically aims, so the player deals more damage and earns many head shots during the game. Many people love this option, because it makes the game much easier and more entertaining.

All aforementioned Critical Ops cheats are very easy in use even for beginners. The process of their configuration is not complicated. Another advantage is the fact that they are not detectable by the manufacturer, so players do not have to worry about their accounts. Many users of this hack tool are very happy about its functionality and possibility to choose all or only some of options offered by it.

Critical Ops hack

All functions:

  • Credits Hack
  • Aimbot Hack
  • Radar Hack
  • Wallhack
  • God Mode


Critical Ops – Critical Ops hack is a dynamic and entertaining game. This tactical first person shooter developed by Critical Force Entertainment is a successor and sequel of Critical Strike Portable. The game was released on August 14, 2015 for Facebook (browser version) and it was moved to Facebook Gameroom on August 30, 2016. This game was released on 30 September 2015 for Android, on May 2, 2016 for iOS and on June 30, 2017 for Amazon.

This interesting game is primarily based on mechanics well known from Counter Strike. Developers of this game were inspired by Valve productions and they created a very nice shooter, but their game offers graphics with more details, bigger maps and more weapons. This game (like Counter Strike) offers the system of weapon skins. Currently players of this game are able to choose from three game modes. There are twenty two weapons and six maps available for them.

Of course Critical Ops does not include maps known from Counter Strike or Critical Strike Portable, but there is a possibility, that it will support community maps. Developer of this game wants to introduce some new modes. It is also important to mention that PC version of this game was deactivated on July 10, 2017, because of large amount of resources required to run it. What is more, developer decided that he wants to focus on mobile version of this game.

The main task of each player is to form a team with other players (friends or random players) and to eliminate the opposing team. Players can choose to play for Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists teams. Before the round, players have some time to buy weapons and necessary equipment. At the end of buying time, all players are able to fight with enemies. Currently there are three game modes. First of them is “Defuse” – terrorists have to plant the C4 bomb and Counter-Terrorists have to stop them or defuse the bomb. It is also possible to end the game by eliminating all enemy players.

The second game mode is “Deathmatch”. Players need to kill enemies to gain better score for the whole team. This score has to be higher than the score of an enemy team when the time runs out. The third mode is called “Gun Game”. Each player starts with an MP5 and has to advance through 15 levels. Each level is associated with a different weapon and the last 15th level for a player means that he has to kill an opponent with a knife. These modes are similar to Counter-Strike modes and they are also entertaining, interesting and dynamic.

Critical Ops hack

Critical Ops is a game that also includes a special shop in which players are able to purchase credits. They can also be earned by completing tasks in different missions. These credits are in-game currency and players can use them to open skin packs that contain random weapon skins. Thanks to these skins, individual player’s weapon looks very attractive and unique. These skins have got different value and they improve aesthetics of all types of weapon.