Hints, Tips, and Cheats for Clash of Clans Beginners
Beginning the Game

A player’s first few days in the game, after going through some good tutorial, are some of the most significant fact that you will face in Clash of Clans. During these days, while you still have a shield, you should concentrate on upgrading your resource collectors. Make sure that you have maxed out the number of all of your gold mines and elixir collectors. Concentrate on upgrading the existing storages instead of building new ones.

Here is an important tip, by the way: Don’t use your gems just because the game tells you to! Upgrades don’t last very long anyway so just wait for them to finish. Save all the gems you can save as they will be very useful in the future.

Making the Most Out of Your Shield

Don’t spend your money on defenses such as walls and cannons since you still have your shield. This shield only lasts for 3 days. You won’t have to worry about being attacked for 3 days. However, take note that if you attack someone in multiplayer, you will sacrifice your shield. Although it’s entirely up to you, it is not recommended as it will put you open to attack by anyone.

When you’re about to run out of shield, start working on your defenses. It is ideal to build archer towers and mortars first. Don’t forget to build walls as well!

If you want to try out your attacks, participate in the single-player missions against the enemy goblins. This will give you more resources and teach you some techniques on how to attack.

Free Elixir and Keeping Your Elixir Safe

Fortunately, there’s a way or you to get free elixir! However, this cheat only works when you have less than 30 seconds from finishing a troop upgrade of a full army. Before thirty seconds, queue up the troop you are upgrading. Only do this if you already have a full army! After the upgrade finishes, cancel the troops being trained to get free elixir!

There is also a way for you to save your elixir while you are online. First, you have to make sure that your camps are full then fill the barracks up with troops. If you originally had 300,000 elixir, by doing this you will only have 100,000 elixir left up for raids. Once you get back on, you can unload the barracks first then you will get all your elixir back.

Attackers’ troops don’t get any elixir from destroying barracks. This is a sure way for you to save lots of elixir!

How to Avoid Attacks

A good way to avoid attacks is to spend your resources before you go offline. This way, attackers who are on the lookout for loots to raid won’t attack you. Here are some ways you can spend your loots: Queue up troops, perform research, build walls, buy defenses, or even decorations.

Another way is to place your storages and mines strategically. Don’t put all of them in the same place. The best way is to scatter them. Upgrading sections of your walls, if not all, also helps in discouraging enemy attacks. Now Clash of Clans Hack Work